Child Sponsorship

Basically, now we have been working for the Dhading District of Nepal however we are authorized to work all over Nepal. And there are many children in Nepal and especially in the remote part of Nepal those have not chances to go school for the education which is because of the poor economic background of the family, we know the Government of Nepal has been investing lot of budget for the education in Nepal however it seems that it is still not enough and children are deprived from the education in the time of the 21th century now, so, we at Nepal Social hands organization supporting some children by sponsoring and paying their school fees and now, they are taking education and there are still many poor children who have not seen school yet, so, we would like to appeal to everyone to support for our work , and basically, we have  2 types of children sponsorship program which are:

Regular Sponsorship

The government School are quite cheap in Nepal however there are still many children those have not got to go school Cause of the poor income of the family and the family want them to work for the family so, we would like to send them to school and it cost only 20.00USD per months which covers, admission fees, dress, text books, exercised books, tuition fees etc.. and you can choose this option for one of our nominated children:

Premium Sponsorship

The private English based schools are quite expensive in Nepal and basically, they are based on city area like the Capital Kathmandu and the education in these types of School and to cost 200.00USD per month cover admission fees, tuition fee, meals, hostel accommodation, uniform, regular health checkups, etc. .. and you can choose this option for one of our nominated children:

Special Sponsorship:

This program is for those students who have already completed school level education and talented and not having money for the higher Education especially, want to study Medicines, Engineering, staff  Nurses and this course in Nepal is very Expensive and basically, normal family cannot offer this education to the children and there are limited seats for the Medicine studies in Nepal  which has made impossible  to study these course for the poor background students they do not have money to go abroad, so, it may cost from 5000.00USD to 100000.00USD to complete this course depending on  course and the institution, so, if you are interested for this program them please write us for the detail information:

How we select the children:

We select the children who have poor economic back ground, socially (which is still in the practice in Nepali society), low caste ( Dalit), Conflicted-Affected, abandoned by the parents, forced child laborers and very talented with poor economy back grounded.

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