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There is problems of over students in some government and community based school , basically there should be about 40-50 students in some class however cause of the lack of the number of schools around in the villages of Nepal, there are more than 100 students in some of the school and there is not any possibility to split of the class cause of less number of the teachers so, keeping this problem in mind, we at Nepal social hands have been sponsoring some teachers and we would like to appeal to all the national and international donors to support us to sponsor some teachers , which are really need in our schools and the salary of a teachers varied depending on the level he/she teaches from primary level to the college level , basically to hire a primary teacher cost about 200.00 USD per months and collage level teacher cost about 500.00USD per months, which is not much however it makes lot of difference in the education of hundreds of people so, please contact us if you would like to sponsor one of them for any length of time period:

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